The Digital Decade IV Winner
"Imagine There is No Hell."

The Digital Decade is the annual art collaboration run by Designcollector Network (DCN) and  YOUTH Worldwide with the help of Depositphotos, Curioos and Studio BLUP - Design Agency. This year they challenged curated artists to have their visual thoughts over rhetorical phrase "There is No Planet B". 25 selected creatives and 2 winners of Open Call came up with their view on a brief "Imagine there is no War/Heaven/Catastrophes.. " etc on Earth. 


We live in the age of ecological downshift as a matter of economical and political crisis on the Earth. The only planet we have that we must not take for granted. There is literally No Planet B. The idea is to bring attention to the problems our planet is currently facing - economic, environmental, political - and what our world would look like without them...


The poster reflects these ideas of being free from the threat of hell and of great variety of potential dimensions that we can’t even imagine and based on breaking the rules and proportions of space that we call reality.