The Digital Decade IV Winner
"Imagine There is No Hell."

The Digital Decade is the annual art collaboration run by Designcollector Network (DCN) and  YOUTH Worldwide with the help of Depositphotos, Curioos and Studio BLUP - Design Agency. This year they challenged curated artists to have their visual thoughts over rhetorical phrase "There is No Planet B". 25 selected creatives and 2 winners of Open Call came up with their view on a brief "Imagine there is no War/Heaven/Catastrophes.. " etc on Earth. 


We live in the age of ecological downshift as a matter of economical and political crisis on the Earth. The only planet we have that we must not take for granted. There is literally No Planet B. The idea is to bring attention to the problems our planet is currently facing - economic, environmental, political - and what our world would look like without them...


The poster reflects these ideas of being free from the threat of hell and of great variety of potential dimensions that we can’t even imagine and based on breaking the rules and proportions of space that we call reality. 


The Digital Decade V Selected Artist

DesignCollector Network presents an innovative exhibition exploring the intersections digital and physical forms (“phygital”) in art as part of the annual event Digital Decade 5, featuring emerging artists working in the field of digital art. This year’s theme of “Cyberia” encourages artists to reflect on the concept of the newborn digital-native that is changing our common value systems.

The concept of Cyberia is “the Unknown Territories Shaped by the Digital Ethnos”. This, “Ethnos” refers to the generation of digital people that are changing our world, and continuing to influence our culture. As our world becomes increasingly digital, it ultimately transforms to become a ‘Cyberia’.


Who is “Generation Z”? Are they post-millennials? The Last Generation? Regardless of their name, this cohort is growing up and quickly reshaping digital culture. Emojis, Snapchat, memes, viral trends and virtual reality are in their DNA. Will they be the creators of new crypto-currencies, autopilot vehicles, p2p technologies or faces the AI takeover? As this tech-savvy group get older, it seems less and less likely that they’ll be the last generation.
And with them, our world continues to change to become more digital, to become a “Cyberia.” What’s going to rule 2027? Remember 2007? There was no Instagram, Twitter was a year old, your Mom still wasn’t on Facebook and the economic crisis was looming. Now imagine 2027. Will there be no more countries, boundaries, walls, government, finances and old economies?

Just like Gen Z is shaping 2017, an increasing focus on the digital will continue to influence the dec. Are we going to face artificial intelligence in it’s glory or downfall, live without borders, use hashtags instead of IDs, pay with a unified currency, eliminate religious conflicts and poverty with unified technologies and practices. What is Cyberia and who or what will be a part of it?