Night club Bureau

The goal of the project was to create a brand identity for a night club that would be easily recognizable and a teaser campaign to catch consumer's attention and let them know about the club and upcoming event. A teaser campaign works on the simple premise that a brand needs to get consumer's attention before it can actually tell the brand story. Curiosity is one of the strengths of teaser advertising, the ability to arouse it is the biggest advantage of teaser ads. Moreover, the satisfaction of curiosity through acquiring knowledge brings pleasure, thus it brings good association with the brand. The most important is to arouse curiosity by demonstrating a gap in the consumer's knowledge; provide just enough information to make them want to resolve their curiosity and give consumers time to try to resolve their curiosity on their own. 

Campaign lasts for one month and divided into three stages. The first teaser should appears five weeks before opening, thus there is one week between the reveal and the first event. Two weeks after the first teaser - a second series of posters with a partial information about the upcoming event (three different posters with date, time and slogan); two weeks later - the disclosure with full information.

Branding IdentityBranding Identity
Busines CardBusines Card
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